Image Selection IV (Prayer Flag Edition)

Chörtens glimpsed in one of the hidden streets of Nako, Kinnaur, 2010

Prayer flags are wishes given to the winds, but here they seem to segment the sky, Nako, 2010

Chörtens are not only gateways to spiritual realms but also surefire markers of civilization in the loneliness of the mountains, Nako, 2010

Is the hidden world inside of those entrances or do they serve to make the hidden in our world appear? Nako, 2010

As usual: all images copyrighted by Sebastian Buchner. No reproduction without my permission.


Image Selection III

Two men in homespun clothes walking between the pools left by the first monsoon rain in Gurgaon

Rikshawallahs and workers taking a break from Amritsar’s summer heat.

 Schoolboy in the tiny Himalayan village of Leo racing to get himself and his drum in the right place.

The intent look on the young Tibetan’s face shows that he is just as much as musician as a monk, as he performs for a festival in the Dalai Lama’s palace in MacLeod Ganj.

All the images are copyrighted by Sebastian Buchner. No reproduction without written permission.