Voice of the Fire – Episode 2: Mehdi El Ghaly

Saturday brings the first interview episode of Voice of the Fire: Our guest is Mehdi EL Ghaly – a prolific storyteller from Morocco who has appeared at TEDxMarrakesh and is working with Confluence Upland in an international collaboration.

The first part deals with Moroccan storytelling in general – we talk about Al-Halqa and the state of Moroccan storytelling. The interview follows, giving us a view into Mehdi’s life as a storyteller. To finish up – a story from Richard Hamilton’s book The Last Storytellers.

Enjoy and please share if you like what you hear.


Voice of the Fire – Episode 1

The first episode of Voice of the Fire – a podcast about storytelling – is online. It’s a celebration of and a farewell to one of the best writers of our time, Ursula K. LeGuin, who passed away last week.


We will return with another episode next week – an interview with an emerging young storyteller from Morocco: Mehdi El Ghaly

Voice of the Fire

I would like to welcome all visitors to Voice of the Fire. It’s a podcast about storytelling. We will share stories, interviews with storytellers, as well as observations and thoughts concerning the written and spoken word.

The first season is mostly interviews with storytellers from around the globe. I am looking forward to all listeners. You can find episodes here, on Soundcloud, iTunes and Youtube.