Citta Vagga

As a bow-maker draws taut the string and a fletcher straightens the arrow’s shaft, so the calm straighten their mind – for the mind is fickle, unsteady and always ready to escape.

The mind may quiver and jump like a fish thrown on dry land. Abandon the realm of illusions and the mind will slip back into the ocean.

When the mind is not pulling you to whatever it desires, you will know peace and happiness.

When the subtleties of the mind to achieve whatever it desires are recognized and guarded against, you will know peace and happiness.

The mind lives, formless, in the cave of the heart and from there it wanders far and alone. Let it not lead, but look with a discerning eye on the gifts it returns from its desirous wanderings.

You can know a thousand words of teaching, but unless you posess a calm mind, you will not have wisdom.

There is no fear for one who has awakened. When the mind does neither lust nor hate, when it is far beyond good and evil and all duality is recognized for what it is, the mind will be calm.

See you own body, broken and withered, and know that the mind needs to be clear or you will waste this gift of life.
Before long your body will be broken. You will lie on the ground, useless like a dead piece of wood.
Whatever harm an enemy may do to an enemy, whatever harm comes when hate meets with hate, it is nothing compared to the harm that comes from a mind in constant turmoil.
Not you mother, not your father, not your brother, not your child…they may be the most beautiful gifts on this earth but even they cannot give you what a mind at peace does. Happiness is a seed born from your mind.
Quotations from the Dhammapada – Illustration from

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