The kind of images I look for

When photography turns into a contest about which image is sharpest or has the greatest depth of field or the best colour, it becomes meaningless to me. There are thousands of astonishingly beautiful images out there in the wilds of art pages, but after a while they are very hard to tell from each other. Of course every photographer has his style, many quite inimitable and the hard work of many years, but the feeling they evoke is similar. Dreams, fantasies…breathtakingly beautiful nude women and men, colour and costume games, shapes take straight from the imagination…yet the feeling they evoke is the same…unreality, a door into someone’s head.
Nowadays I find the world more astonishing, frightening and beautiful than the insides of other people’s heads, so perhaps that explains my boredom with those kinds of images. I used to love them and attempted to make similar ones, but my abilities didn’t allow me to, so I decided to take a picture or two of the world as I saw it, full of odd moments, misunderstanding, mundane beauty and cruelty. Solitude ripens the imagination, but I never managed to fall into my head again, I never saw my dreams as vividly as my waking life again.
At some point you just move from one step to the next and any extravagant dream becomes a burden more than something to fuel you. Now I look for images that are still windows into dreams, but wider-ranging ones. Dreams that are too big for the insides of heads. Dreams that burst into reality because you cannot keep them inside and dreams that accept what dream, frightened, calls the cold hard facts.
I believe the world is an inextricable mixture of dreams and realities and I look for photographs that reflect that.
What sort of images do you look for? Do you look for any at all?

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