The Song of Our People

U-ra-mi-li is the creative child of documentary filmmaker Anushka Meenakshi and actor Iswar Srikumar. The couple resides in Chennai and some time ago they decided to see how much money they could scrape together to fulfill a long-standing dream of theirs: to travel and explore their own country.

India is endlessly fascinating, to non-Indians and Indians alike, although the two bring with them their very own perspectives and views, dreams and joys. Anushka and Iswar were fascinated by the wealth of traditional songs that reverberate through India…work songs, death songs, birth songs, songs for joy, for sadness, songs that can shape careers or that can give shape to grievances and loves.

U-ra-mi-li – The Song of Our People – is the story of the songs and rhythms that the two found in India, the songs from the backyards of India, as the filmmakers call their collection.

The film is made up of interviews with travelling singers, actors, teachers, activists and wordless segments showing rhythm in expected and unexpected ways (the shuffling, musical movements that accompany ploughing a field in the Himalayas might be expected, but the rhythms – aural and visual – created by herds of cattle returning home along a gray mountainside might not be, but both are wonderful and eye-opening to see).

The filmmakers show their progress with everyone on their homepage as well as on their facebook page. U-ra-mi-li is a crowd-funded film – that means every single person reading this can have a look at the trailers and images from the film and – if they like what they see (and there is plenty to like) – they can donate small or larger amounts to help the two complete the film. They also stage showings in the wider Madras area…for timings see their website.

U-ra-mi-li has a planned release for April 2014 – visit www.uramili.inand help the two filmmakers to achieve that release. It is a very worthwhile thing and if you don’t believe me, see for yourself…

One Comment

  1. Hello I am Anushka Meenakshi’s mother. And thank you so much for giving it such a nice review…all the way somewhere in Austria.


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