Image Selection X – The Solitude of Mountains

Work and illness have kept me from updating this for a while – my apologies. Here is a new Image Selection taking us, once more, into the Himalayas:

The colours are what comes back to me when I close my eyes. I am at home in these colours.

The shadow fingers of a tree reach out, partly obscuring the bone-white silhouette.

The rivers mean so much here, one cannot take their roar for anger. We threw bottles, a damaged sandal and sticks into it, not to pollute, but as offerings and to watch – like children – the passage of the strange object and to wonder where it might be found again.

The houses of the gods are man-made things and therein lies their beauty and their solitude.

Please refrain from using these images without my permission. All images copyrighted by Sebastian Buchner.

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