Image Selection XI – From the Himalayas

A bone-white sheet of cloud draws slow dreams across the darkening sky.

A hole in the clouds is relief, even though at times one feels as if the eye was staring straight into the darkness of space.

Like settlers on a distant star…

Snowfall means the world is gone. The clouds are threatening. One might wander into them and never return.

Copyright by Sebastian Buchner.

Image Selection X – The Solitude of Mountains

Work and illness have kept me from updating this for a while – my apologies. Here is a new Image Selection taking us, once more, into the Himalayas:

The colours are what comes back to me when I close my eyes. I am at home in these colours.

The shadow fingers of a tree reach out, partly obscuring the bone-white silhouette.

The rivers mean so much here, one cannot take their roar for anger. We threw bottles, a damaged sandal and sticks into it, not to pollute, but as offerings and to watch – like children – the passage of the strange object and to wonder where it might be found again.

The houses of the gods are man-made things and therein lies their beauty and their solitude.

Please refrain from using these images without my permission. All images copyrighted by Sebastian Buchner.

Image Selection V – Life in the Mountains

Ki, the village at the foot of Ki Gompa, consists of little more than a few houses. The valley and the gompa, especially when it first comes into view are spectactular and breathtaking.

This young lady is a proud inhabitant of Ki. She played with mud, a few toys and a bit of water, utterly undisturbed by the white man who took her picture.

One of many of the venerable ladies of Nako, who took care of the old temple and cooked a meal for themselves and their two foreign visitors. This is the kitchen in the courtyard of the temple.

The old temple of Nako, freshly whitewashed by the villagers.

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