Image Selection XVI – On the Road

The village of Ki is home to one marvellous monastery-fortress, which you can see in the back here. The impressive gompa (monastery) is close to a thousand years old and sits right in the middle of nowhere, home to about eighty monks (depending on the season).  | ImDorf Ki in Spiti findet man eine atemberaubende Klosterfestung. Die Gompa (Kloster) ist knapp eintausend Jahre alt, thront stolz im Nirgendwo der Himalayatäler, und beherbergt im Sommer etwa achtzig Mönche (mehr zu Festivals).

The gate to the right can be seen at the entrance of villages in Spiti. It is decorated with images of protective deities. Here, however, it only welcomes the mountains.  | Das Tor zur Rechten findet man am Eingang vieler Dörfer in Spiti. Für gewöhnlich ist es mit Darstellungen von schützenden Gottheiten bemalt. Hier heißt es allerdings bloß die ewigen Berge willkommen.

My friend Ngwang and I went hitch-hiking in Pin Valley. Unfortunately we did it on a holiday, which meant no jeeps at all, anywhere. Lots of walking that day. |Ngwang, mein Mitreisender, entschied sich mit mir per Autostopp ins Pin Valley zu fahren. Unglücklicherweise erwischten wir dafür einen Feiertag – kein Jeep weit und breit. Knapp dreißig Kilometer zu Fuß durch eine Steinwüste.

The Spiti car wash is free. You back up down an incline and park right in the river, throw out the passengers and commence washing. | Autowäsche in Spiti. Rückwärts einen Abhang hinunter, im Fluss geparkt, Passagiere rausgeworfen und los…

Image Selection V – Life in the Mountains

Ki, the village at the foot of Ki Gompa, consists of little more than a few houses. The valley and the gompa, especially when it first comes into view are spectactular and breathtaking.

This young lady is a proud inhabitant of Ki. She played with mud, a few toys and a bit of water, utterly undisturbed by the white man who took her picture.

One of many of the venerable ladies of Nako, who took care of the old temple and cooked a meal for themselves and their two foreign visitors. This is the kitchen in the courtyard of the temple.

The old temple of Nako, freshly whitewashed by the villagers.

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