Image Selection XII – Losel Doll Museum

Lost in a realm of gold, flowers and brocade – imagine you come a long way to see an image you consider to be a treasure on earth and enter into one of those temples. Opulent and beautiful or sometimes bright and kitschy, the images stand as a testament to the religious imagination of the people and for a religion that ultimately discards sensual reality while celebrating its irreality. | In einem buddhistischen Tempel fühlt man sich manchmal verloren in einem Reich von Gold, Blüten und Brokat – aber man stelle sich vor, man kommtnach langer, entbehrungsreicher Pilgerreise an so einen Ort…wirkt er dann nicht wirklich wie ein Schatz auf Erden. Opulent und schön, manchmal auch grell und kitschig – diese Bilder und Skulpturen sind Testament der religiösen Vorstellungskraft der Menschen, die sie geschaffen haben, und stehen für eine Religion, die zwar schlussendlich der sinnlichen Realität entsagt, ihre Irrealität aber dennoch feiert.

The Losel Doll Museum is home to multiple dioramas detailing the history of pre-invasion Tibet. It’s the only place where you can find such scenes, real or unreal. The multiplied monk is  numerous in his dreams and imaginations, but very solitary in reality.

Group scenes show opulently dressed women and finely garbed monks in marketplace scenes, evoking a strange medieval-religious atmosphere that is only eighty years in the past.

One feels strangely transported and affected by those little guys and dolls – it’s easy to imagine that they come alive at night and play out scenes from Tibet’s timeless past…


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by at our blog. Just took a look at your blog and work and some of your photographs are really lovely 🙂 and i really liked your list of travel reading, makes me want to grab one or two of those books.
    Don’t know if you managed to see the page with a link to the film that we’re making as we travel around, this is just a teaser with some of the footage from the first couple of months, we’re right now back home editing new material which will hopefully be up in a month’s time.
    Anyway, take a look if you can, would love to hear what you think,

    And of course let us know if you’re ever coming to Madras,


    1. Hi Anushka,

      I missed the link while scanning your site, so thank you for sending it to me…it’s wonderful. Full of love and joy and all the little moments that make travelling so worthwhile and beautiful. The yaks,goats, donkeys streaming along the hill-side, the strange performance of the Dutch man, the old man on the street in MacLeod Ganj in timelapse, little moments, glances, Tulkuji…I know most of the places you’ve been to so it was a double joy of recognition for me – but a first joy to see it through your eyes…I only watched the First Film so far, but I really hope that you are going on travelling and filming.

      I hope to be in Madras this summer actually because a friend has invited me to a wedding. Would be an honour to meet you and exchange ideas and impressions. I will watch more of your movies, I’m sure 🙂



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